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life hacks

                                                 Life Hacks

Today I am going to tell you all guy's 4 life hacks.So,let's start.

  1. You can put a cello fine paper and then put your meal on it. After eating throw the paper in the dustbin so you would not have to wash your plate.
  2. Take 4 to 5 pens or pencils attach it with some sticky tape .If your teacher says to write something 5 or 4 time so you can use this pen.
  3. Take a syringe and a orange put the syringe in the orange and then the juice would come out.
  4. Again take a syringe take your toothpaste put some toothpaste in the syringe then take hot glue gun and attach to the wall.


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Easy Nail Art

Easy Nail Art😍

Hey guys you all know making your nails take a lot of time and if you are going to any kind of party and you almost forgot about doing your nails and it is time to go. So here are 2 of the quick and very easy nail arts. Let's get started.
For the first one ingredients you need are-

Clear nail polishAny kind of beautiful Confetti
For making it grab your clear nail polish make a funnel using paper or you can use the store bought one. Next put the confetti in the funnel all the confetti will go to the nail polish container later when done take out the funnel and put on the lid. This is the most easiest way of making your nail in no time.😆😍😍For the second one ingredients you need are-
Clear nail polishBeautiful nail stickers

For  making it grab your beautiful nail stickers and apply any one on your nail and then apply a coat of clear nail polish. Then let it dry. You will get a beautiful nail art.

Me after Exams!!!

Me after Exams😎😎

If you know my exams just got over and I gave my best also now I am going to another new class and do you know that when my exams where going on I thought everything I will do this I will do that but after exams I forgot everything that I thought between exams. Whatever when I came back to my home firstly I slept for 5 hers really the truth😆Then after waking up I got freshen up. I played and Played with my phones and then my parents said to get ready as I was going for a dinner😍😍 After coming back at 11:00 p.m. Then I wore my night suit and then brushed my teeth and then I played with my phone till 2:00 a.m. Then I finally slept!!😆😆😎😃😁😃😄😄

How do I spend my Winter Vacations!!

How do I spend my Winter Vacations

Hey guys so today I will be telling you all what I do in my Winter Break. So basically this year we are not going anywhere as my brother is in 10th. So sadly we will be going to a bird sanctuary😠😢 So I guess I have to find something fun to do this winter break in my house!
So basically I only do these 4 thing's that any tweenager would do and they are: EatWatch moviesSleepStudy
So first I wake up take a bath brush my teeth, eat my breakfast, study, watch 3 movies or more, then eat , then study again and then sleep!!😋