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I am Anchoring in the Spell Bee.

I am Anchoring  in Spell Bee

It was 25 April I was in school.Then are English  teacher came she was thinking which two child  are perfect.  Then suddenly she looked at me.She said I will anchor .  And she took Yugant he is truly good in studies.Like I was just so exited that I told my whole friends group.  Then we went for lunch so, I picked up my all friends and went for having a lunch.After that me and and my best friend's started playing .Then we were studying maths then mam called me and Yugant for writing our  script . It took a lot of time to write that and the Spell Bee was tomorrow.We came in the EVS period mam was taking a activity.We started doing so fast but neat and we did it on time.And now today is my Spell Bee wish me luck.

First Day at School

First Day at School

My first day at school was very awkward.I was celebrating  my birthday at school and I was selected for the asembly too .So, when we came to our new class we sat with our friends.Then everyone started talking.  Then our teacher came she said very angrily '' what is this children''.  Like every teacher on the first day is very nice.But, she scolded on our first day only.And what is wrong in talking we all friend met after a lot time.  We had so many experiences to share.   So, whenever a child is having a  birthday the class teacher says to come near the black board and then the whole class sings the birthday song.But mam did not even said me '' Happy Birthday''.and the next day she sang for another child tear.  Then she scolded me even in her class this is not fair at all. Then she found a girl and all day she said can you do that can you do this.  She even said '' see her work it is so neat''.   She took her for deco…

how to make a bath bomb

How To Make A Bath Bomb

To make a Bath Bomb you will need -

Different  colors of food coloring.Lemon juice.Regular salt.Baking Soda.Container
Now take the container add about 1 cup of baking soda and add salt.  Now mix the dry ingredients.  Now take a spray bottle add water,lemon juice and any food coloring.Close the bottle.  Now spray some to your baking soda mixture.You shall add the food coloring mixture until unless your baking soda mixture becomes red.  I have taken red that's why. I have made diffrent colors.Now take any closing mold and press the bath bomb mixture nicely. Then close it and keep it in the freezer for 1 hour.  If you are keeping it in the fridge then keep it for 5 hours and your bath bomb will be ready.

life hacks

Life Hacks

Today I am going to tell you all guy's 4 life hacks.So,let's start.

You can put a cello fine paper and then put your meal on it. After eating throw the paper in the dustbin so you would not have to wash your plate.Take 4 to 5 pens or pencils attach it with some sticky tape .If your teacher says to write something 5 or 4 time so you can use this pen.Take a syringe and a orange put the syringe in the orange and then the juice would come out.Again take a syringe take your toothpaste put some toothpaste in the syringe then take hot glue gun and attach to the wall.


 Hello,everyone.  Today I will tell you 8 Pranks that you can do with anyone.  So,lets get started-

If your friend just takes your water bottle without asking then you want to add some salt to it.If you don't like to share your bubble gum then you have to take some clay cut it in the rectangular shape and then rap it.This prank most of you would know.Now, take some Oreo's and replace it's cream with toothpaste.Take your enemy's toothbrush apply a food coloring on it.Then see the magic.You want to take your coin and then stick it using a tape on the washbasin.  The water will spread hear and there.Take your T.V controllers put clear tape on the controllers front then the T.V would not work.Take a balloon attach it on a tray then apply some white cream to it's surface and finally add some yummy sprinkles.Then see what  happens.You want to take your classmates pencil topped with eraser then you want to quickly replace it with other pencil without eraser the…

My Family

I have 5 people in my family.  They are really sweet and kind.  They all understand my problem.  My granny she is so good she tells me story's at night and she is very loyal.  My father he is very kind hearted he helped me study in Merit nation. He buys me everything which I want.  

My mother she is the person who gave me birth and as a child I am very glad to have her.  Once I spoke very badly to her.Then I understood that I have done the biggest mistake in my whole life.  It feels like your heart is broken.

My brother what to talk about him he is super duper naughty.He is so bad I cannot even explain.  But he entertains a lot and he also help me in study's.  Every person in my family is so unique.  They are a peace of diamonds.  When I see them my morning gets brighter.  I love my family so much.  They even take me out in every holiday.  They are the best.

My Birthday Party

My birthday was celebrated on Sixth of April. My lovely parents celebrated my birthday in 72 Mad Streets. It is a game playing section .Me and my friends enjoyed a lot. My school 's best friend who recently went to Delhi and had to attend  a marriage. She said that maybe she would come to the birthday  party and then she magically appeared in front of me. I was so happy.

After playing we went to Noodle Bar. Then we played a really interesting game which I made. Every one was having fun then we ate cheese balls and Minnie Pizza. After that we cut the cake which was of Ever After High. The flavor was  chocolate.Then every one talked and had fun then we drank some juice.

Then we attended a game which's name was Statue Dance. We had 2 winners. Actually I was first but i gave the first prize to my sister as she started crying. Then there was another girl who said that she is 2 actually she was out but then she started shouting in my ears '' It's mine''. So, I gave…

What To Do When You are Feeling Boredom

When you are felling bore you can do these 9 things.

You can bake or cook something by seeing some recipe.You can call your friends or you can dance.Listen to music.It makes you feel better.Be creative draw or paint something.Play games.You can make a Slime.You can make a Stress Ball.Do coloring.Read books