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The Golden Eggs

Once upon, a time there lived a poor family in a village.In the family the mother had fever. They had no money and no food. The little boy in the family was very sad about it. One day the boy asked his father that he could work in a restaurant and earn money. 
The father said  'no dear you are really small for working.' But, the child started crying very badly. So, his father said 'OK'. So, from the next day the boy went for his work. His father started cutting and selling woods. The boy would also get some food from the restaurant. 
After a lot of time her mother was admitted in a hospital. Now they had money to pay the doctors. They had also saved a lot of money for later uses. One day the elder sister of the boy saw where his father had kept money. So, she took the money and went to the Jewellery Shop and took a very expensive ring. 
After a lot time the time came to use the money. But,when the father opened the cupboard and was shocked to see. The elder sister hid that ring in her cupboard. But,one day the father saw the elder sister wearing a very expensive ring. He asked that were she had got this ring. She said that her friend had given her.
The father was very worried because he had to buy some medicines for the mother. So, he went to her friend and asked her that she had given her that ring. She said 'No'. The father went very angrily to his daughter and scolded  her a lot.When the winter came the father caught a little cold.So, he asked his son to go to the forest and cut woods.The boy went to the forest.There he saw a big tree.

So,he climbed the tree and sat on a branch then he started cutting a branch.After cutting 10 branches he saw a nest in which there where 3 golden eggs and then a bird appeared and gave those eggs to the boy. The boy was very happy. Soon,the family became rich and they lived happily ever after. 


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My Bed

My Bed

Whenever I clean my bed it has to become dirty.  My mother's says to clean the bed.  But when I clean my bed  in a min only it becomes dirty.  Why? When my brother comes from school he changes his uniform so he just throws his clothes on my bed and because our room is combined.  Then when he goes to parties he takes a lot of clothes out and try them then he throws all the clothes  on the bed instead of keeping in the cupboard.  Then after some time I decorated my bed with pillows and blankets.  Then again when he came back from some where he just threw all the cushions here and there I was totally angry from him.  Then what I started to do was that whenever he keeps his clothes on the bed and forgets to keep it back I will throw his clothes on the floor.  So I am all the time looking  after my bed.  Hard work haaan.

Tips for Studying Nicely

Tips for Studying Nicely

Hello today I am going to tell you all guys some tips.  So let's go

First of all tell everyone that they do not disturb you.Next keep away your electronics or any other stuff from which you start playing.Choose a comfortable place to study. I sometimes study on my bed.Then make lemonade.   Put some hot water in a jar squeeze lemon done.Concentrate on your study and Best of Luck for your Exams😉😉