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Top 5 Awadhi desserts

Awadhi cuisine is generally consists of recipes Lucknow region and Bhojpur region. It has many types of like many forms of Roti or breads which are locally made in restaurants, meals, chats, sweets and desserts. Lucknow cuisine has similarities with the Central Asia, Kashmir, Punjab and Hyderabad.    

Some of the popular desserts are like shahi tukda also called double ka meetha. Other sweets agra ka petha, halwa of many types sooji or carrot halwa, almond kulfi, almond seera, etc.

The famous sweet recipe is the shahi tukda. You can rightly guess, I have created a video for Shahi Tukra Recipe It mainly consists of English bread. It is rich in aroma, taste, calories, and flavor. And it comes from the mughalai desserts list. The main ingredients of this recipe are reduced full cream milk, bread of good quality, condensed milk, sugar syrup, ghee, and dry fruits. It can be made with lesser calories if anyone wants can make it less sweetness or sugar free materials can be used but if cooked in original way then tastes awesome.

Agra ka petha is sweet dish, famous in Agra and Lucknow region. It is made with ash gourd (peeled and cut), alum powder (phitkari), sugar, and lemon juice. It comes in various shapes, sizes, colors. It is less sweetness and less in calories also, so lovers can easily have it.

A very common dish in India and especially in Awadh region is the carrot halwa. If anyone has a religious occasion can easily make this dish with few ingredients. It is with carrots, sweetened condensed milk, ghee, handful grated cashew nuts and almonds, cardamom powder.
Another famous dish is almond kulfi. It is generally found in the streets vending stalls, restaurants and in malls also. It is enjoyed by all age people and especially among the kids. It is made with almonds (peeled and grinded), condensed milk, whipped cream, powdered cardamom, pistachios (chopped) and a pinch of saffron.
A light and easily carried sweet is kurmura ladoo. It can be taken in trips as light and sweet snacks. It is mainly a Punjabi sweet recipe popular in awadh region also. It is made in the end of the winter season to celebrate festival of lohri in Punjab. It’s very crunchy, puffed, crispy sweet dish commonly found in the local markets. It consists of ingredients like roasted peanuts, puffed rice, jaggery, dry coconut flakes, and cardamoms.

 These are some popular rich sweet recipes of awadh region in India. Anyone can try these at home. In early times many of these dishes are made only by the royal cooks but today it is made in every house in Lucknow. 


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